Thursday, July 17, 2008

THNG # 15

Does the water beneath the ice still flow?

Having hiked through many card catalogs and shelves upon shelves looking for resources and documentation to prove or disprove a theory, the information that is literally at our fingertips is mind boggling. Even on the many trips to the many libraries, facts and data were missed due to not being able to find the forest for the trees. However, with the use of technology and blogging and yes, Library 2.0 we now have much more information and facts at hand. Library 2.0 will lead us on a new path on the trail for information, data, facts and fun. Our students will travel along many routes and find out more information in an hour than we could have managed in a day or a week.

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Bennie said...

So true! Our kids will find info sooo much faster than we ever could. I went to college between 1962-1966 and remember the hours spent in the library, being lucky to find enough notes for a paper.